Create thriving spaces

The environment influences how we feel, behave, interact and reset.

Your spaces can support, or unhinge, your brand and culture.

Design for People

Organisations face ongoing pressure to optimise space and save on real estate costs. But if users are unhappy, the cost of not designing well will quickly surpass any savings. 

We spend all day inside buildings. Design your space right from the start, and design a space that will last the test of time. We do the research to help you fill the gaps and make the right decisions.

How we help to create happy and healthy spaces and workplaces.

Experience Mapping

See spaces through the eyes of the users

Each day is a bank of micro-moments that can add to, or draw from, a great experience. Understand these moments and design interventions (small or large) to shift experience.

We use a combination of tools to map your users’ experience across their space, from arrival to departure. We then show you the story of your space for the users’ perspective.

Use this information to re-design your current spaces or create your future workplace.

Post occupancy evaluations and workplace strategy 

The Rate My Space survey has been used by thousands to assess their space

Our surveys look at different ways the working environment impacts staff wellbeing and productivity.  We can adapt the survey to what you need or use our standard survey and show you how you compare to hundreds of other workplaces. We’ll give you the evidence to back up your business case. We make recommendations on how to improve the existing space, inform or update briefing processes, improve design guidelines and other considerations for future projects.   If you are going for a significant space change, you also need to think about the new ways of working. We’ll help you match your new space with a new culture.

Healthy building audits

How healthy is your space?

We spent all day in our offices, are these spaces supporting people to do their best work? 

We will do an audit of your space and offer advice on what improvements you can put into place to create a healthy workspace. We can also do a Fitwel rating. 

Sustainability and social impact

Is your organisation making a positive impact?

Are social impact, wellness and sustainability are part of your brand?  Your space should match your brand promise.
We can also review your current trajectory and give you strategies for shifting your operations and supply chain to more sustainable, healthy options.

Case Study | Student Experience

A leading Sydney university

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A univeristy recently introduced some Activity Based Working spaces for PhD students

The university was looking for ways to assess these spaces, and develop a standard approach for capturing student experience data for all building projects.

We undertook in depth engagement using interactive student tours, surveys, interviews, focus groups and observation studies to assess two buildings utilising the new layout. Over 250 postgraduate students and 100 staff were engaged.

Outcomes included  a student experience metric across workspace functionality, comfort, connection and productivity as well as change management and briefing recommendations.

Up to 25% of our buildings are ‘sick’. This means one or a combination of factors impacts occupants, such as poor air quality, daylight access or ventilation. This contributes to low productivity and absenteeism.

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