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The future university is one that users co-create. But start with the right questions.

Get the data you need to identify projects and guide capital works.

Does your campus provide the right experience?

From arrival to departure on campus, micro-experiences add up over the day. These influence where people go, how long they stay, with whom they gather, how they work or study, as well as brand perception.  

Institutions are now being judged on their experience performance, and if it lives up to expectations.  
Where should you invest to get the best experience outcomes?

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How we help Higher Education institutions gain a competitive advantage through their campus buildings and spaces.

Campus Experience

What are users saying about your campus? 

Our trademark ten point check in on campus experience.  Students rate their experience with various elements of the campus and leave open feedback. We run in-depth analysis and deliver you with rich insights how what they like and dislike about your campus and facilities. 

Experience mapping

See the campus through their eyes

A sample of students, staff or visitors journey map their experience. This is the opportunity to walk in the shoes of your users. You will have a better understanding of what they think, how they feel and their decision making processes across campus. 

PhD Space Evaluations

Do your PhD spaces support success?

Environments can support, or inhibit performance and productivity. We engage with your graduate students and evaluate these spaces to identify what is helping or hindering performance.

These can be used to improve existing spaces or plan future buildings. 

Staff campus and workplace evaluations

How can staff productivity be improved?

Academic and professional staff spend all day in their workplace. They require different environmental elements to be considered for peak productivity. 

If you are assessing current state or planning the future of work, we can check in with staff to help design the ideal workplace. 

Case Study | Student Experience

University of Western Australia

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UWA is developing a revised estate strategy and new masterplan, with a focus on improving student experience and wellbeing.

This project involved:

Around 1500 staff and students were engaged in the project. Findings are being used to determine UWA’s student experience gaps and priorities, inform development of design guidelines for buildings and teaching spaces and inform campus strategy for student engagement and retention.

Case Study | Staff Experience

Curtin University

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We undertook a campus wide engagement project to gather staff feedback on their buildings and workplaces.

The whole campus approach enabled a streamlined method for engagement and data collection using a custom built app.

The team undertook intensive engagement prior to launching the app, with Curtin leadership, faculty boards, academic and professional staff.

On launch, more than 1000 staff provided feedback from 100 buildings, with 20 buildings used in a final benchmarking exercise. These benchmarks compared key elements of user experience in buildings, looking at collaboration and productivity, health and comfort parameters. 

Graduate students are more than six times as likely to experience depression and anxiety as compared to the general population.

The physical campus play a significant role in facilitating a healthier, supportive environment.

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