It's time to change the way we think about buildings.

The future of work is not about the space, but the human experience.

Find out how your spaces can support people to do their best work.

You can end up making some big, expensive decisions based on what you think people need.

Humans are not rational. The way you think they will use your spaces and the way they do, can be worlds apart.

We have a range of tools so you can see your spaces from the users’ perspective. Our approach is a combination of research, strategy, creativity and pragmatism. 

  • In a space you know isn't quite working for users?
  • Planning a major transformation across your organisation or campus?
  • Embarking on design of a new building, workplace or other space?

How we work with you

Higher Education

We help universities with masterplanning, co-creation and staff or student experience


We help workplaces with strategy, healthy workplace checks, and designing for the future


We help other sectors including healthcare, aged care, residential developments and airports.

Ready to create work and study spaces where your people will thrive?

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