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We've asked thousands of people about the spaces where they work and study

What people say they need, and what they really need, can be worlds apart. You need big decisions to be based on reliable data, not assumptions. 

We measure a person’s experience and give you intelligence about why they like or dislike. We infuse this with our knowledge on the science of healthy buildings – buildings that work for people. 

A brief history

Spaces Alive started as a software application called Rate My Space to measure occupant experience in workplaces. In designing an app we were introduced to the world of user experience.

Why do we design our products so intuitively to deliver a delightful experience for users, but we don’t do this with buildings and spaces? 

We set out to disrupt the process and are here to help organisations design buildings that really work for people.  Led by Dr Samantha Hall, Spaces Alive is grounded in a science based approach that brings sustainability, wellbeing and evidence-based design together.

It’s a whole new way of doing, and we love working with organisations leading the change. We run large scale engagement projects as well as surveys, workshops, experience mapping, interactive engagement activities and games. Every building and organisation is different, so we customise the approach to suit you.

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The approximate annual cost of presenteeism, absenteeism and low productivity to Australian businesses each year.

About Dr Sam Hall

Dr Samantha Hall has a background in sustainable cities and buildings, with a focus on health outcomes for our built environment.

As an academic researching evidence-based decision-making in this field, she was astounded at the gaps. Science, data and research don’t make it into practice enough, and there are so many missed opportunities to create better buildings and healthier outcomes for people.

She created Spaces Alive to help organisations make better decisions about their buildings.

Samantha is a strong advocate for citizen led change. She speaks regularly at events and in the media on sustainability, healthy buildings, and innovation. She wants to empower every person to be informed about how buildings impact health and experience, and to help organisations prepare for new ways of working.

She is the recipient of a Business News 40 under 40 award, a finalist in the Western Australian Innovator of the Year, a recipient of an AMP Change Maker  and an inaugural member of the Homeward Bound Antarctica leadership program for women in STEM.

We can’t wait to work with you in creating more human spaces.

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