Unlock human potential
in your buildings

Imagine if you had the right spaces to attract great people, spark their innovative creativity and zero in their focus?

We spend 90% of our time inside a building, but do you know that most of these spaces aren’t designed to maximise human potential and health?  Whether you are a university, office, hospital or other public space, you can help your users thrive.  

The future of building puts humans at the centre, and it will change the way we think about our spaces. 

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Award-winning results. Scientific approach.

After assessing hundreds of buildings and engaging with thousands of individuals, we understand the human side of buildings. 

 How work and study environments impact happiness, productivity and wellbeing is complex. And complex is that last thing you need when you’re already juggling elaborate projects and operations. We are here to make it easy for you to create great spaces.


We’ve been recognised with an innovation award from Curtin University, finalist for Western Australia Innovator of the Year and Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance awards, and recipient of an AMP Change Maker award and a Business News 40 under 40 award. We’re also a Fitwel Ambassador. 

Improve student experience on campus

We turn big data on people into golden nuggets. We have unique tools to gather place-specific feedback from thousands of people across your campus so you can see what is working, or not.

We’re here to help you gather the intell you need to provide a great staff and student experience.

Design healthy, human-centred buildings

Looking for a competitive edge? Have a client with a loose brief that leaves you trying to connect the dots?

We can lend some creative engagement skills combined with what we’ve learned from thousands of people. It will add a competitive edge, and free your time to work on the designs that matter. 

Rethink your company's current spaces

Whether you are a workplace, airport, hospital, school or aged care facility, your spaces should work for your users. We can help you get closer to healthy, loveable spaces people won’t want to leave.

These can amplify your business strategy and brand, and maximise the user experience.

How do we help create
spaces where people thrive?

Illustration of man and woman making a plan on a board

We have an initial consultation to learn about your buildings, and what you want to achieve.


We deploy a suite of research tools where users give feedback about spaces, so we can understand what works and doesn’t.


Based on the outcomes we work with you to affect impressive change in the way people experience your spaces.

Praise for Spaces Alive

At some point in time, we forgot how to create buildings and spaces for people – for actual people. Sam not only reminds us of this, she’s innovating in ways we’d never thought of so our buildings can help make us feel more human. I guess that’s why she’s one of this country’s leading experts in healthy buildings.

~ Phill Raso, CitySwitch Program Manager

Photo of Dr Sam Hall